ZWO Camera ASI 1600 GT Mono


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Cooled mono camera with internal 5×1.25″ electronic filter wheel – for demanding astrophotographers!

The ZWO ASI GT camera range includes all the great features and performance of the original ZWO ASI Pro series, but now with an integrated 5×1.25″ ultra-quiet electronic filter wheels as well as 12V power distribution!

Internal EFW: The internal 5-position electronic filter wheel (EFW) can accept both 1.25” and 31mm filters. The EFW is driven by a whisper quiet high grade stepper motor. Important Note: The thickness of the 1.25” filter cannot exceed 7mm (without threads), and the thread must be shorter than 2.5mm to avoid the filter wheel striking the camera housing.

The body of the EFW is CNC milled from an aircraft grade aluminum block finished in an attractive and hardwearing anodized finish. The inner surface of the EFA has been especially treated to prevent internal light reflections.

The camera body has 24 heat radiating grooves fitted with dual maglev fans to ensure the temperature difference remains between 40-45℃ below ambient temperature.

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