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Zoomion Voyager 76EQ – Your expressway to Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

Have you ever seen a storm on Jupiter’s surface? You can with the Voyager 76EQ telescope. Perhaps you don’t really know your way around the night sky? If not, then this telescope is a good way of getting started in astronomy as every beginner can master it in just a couple of hours.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • reflector telescope with 76mm aperture and 900mm focal length
  • observe the Moon and planets in a wealth of detail
  • provides 118X more light than the naked eye alone
  • particularly stable due to robust EQ-2 mount with tripod
  • 5X finder scope for easy location of astronomical objects
  1. 76mm telescope – simply go out into space
  2. The Zoomion Voyager 76EQ is a reflector telescope with a 76mm aperture. This means it collects 118 times more light than the human eye alone. Enjoy lunar craters, the polar caps on Mars or the cloud formations on Jupiter. This is an amazing performance as these objects are millions of kilometres away from us.
  3. 6 different magnifications
  4. One always uses different magnifications when observing astronomical objects. Accessories include three eyepieces and a Barlow lens. That means you will always have the right eyepiece at hand when you purchase a Voyager76.
  5. Stable mount with tripod
  6. The equatorial EQ-2 mount is an ultra-stable base for your telescope. Most telescopes from other manufacturers only use the smaller EQ-1 mounting. The extra stability of the Voyager76EQ telescope’s mount will therefore make your astronomy that much more enjoyable. While others are still struggling with their mount, you can already be enjoying fascinating views of the universe.
  7. An extra advantage
  8. The equatorial mount makes tracking an object very straightforward. The 2 slow-motion controls let you easily and accurately compensate for the Earth’s rotation. That means your object is always in the field of view. Most telescopes with these optics do not have this enormously useful aid.
  9. This great list of accessories is included:
  • 20mm eyepiece
  • 12.5mm eyepiece
  • 4mm eyepiece
  • Barlow lens (2X magnification)
  • finder scope with 5X magnification
  • special addition – 80-page ‘Getting Started’ guide (German only) with all the info you need

about getting started in amateur astronomy

Our expert comment:

Are you looking for a high quality telescope?

Be sure you consider our first class Omegon Telescope Advanced 150/750 EQ-320 and Omegon Advanced N 203/1200 telescopes. These offer a more stable base and much better optics.

It is also worth taking a look here for Omegon Advanced Telescopes. ( video in German)

Product number: 45329


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