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Vixen Maksutov telescope MC 260/3000 VMC260L OTA


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The VMC260L telescope: MC stands for Maksutov Cassegrain. Strictly speaking, the telescope is a Field Maksutov Cassegrain.

In this design special correction lenses are mounted in front of the secondary mirror. These allows the secondary mirror to be spherically ground instead of parabolically or hyperbolically, which is much cheaper and more accurate. In addition, thanks to the correction lenses, the correction plate on the front end of the tube can be dispensed with.

This special design by the Japanese manufacturer Vixen combines the advantages of the Maksutov and the Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. The tube is extremely compact, relatively lightweight and the positioning of the eyepiece or accessories is ideal. Since no Schmidt plate is used, the telescope reaches ambient temperature more quickly, additionally condensation is not a problem. The required secondary mirror mounting has four struts that are only 1.3 millimetres thick which do not have a negative effect on the astrophotography image quality.

The high focal length makes the telescope the ideal instrument for the Moon and planets, but also with its large aperture, it collects enough light for serious professional observations and the photography of deep sky objects.

The dielectrically coated mirror on the VMV260L guarantees a high level of brightness with high definition.

With the optional reducer, the aperture can be reduced to 1:7. This enables a reduction in the exposure times for photography, and a broader field of vision. Any further corrector is not necessary in this telescope construction.

Included is a dovetail bar and a convenient carrying handle, which can also be used as a camera mounting bracket for images of starfields.

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