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Vixen Image stabilized binoculars H12x30 Atera


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These stabilised binoculars are ideal for observations without a tripod. The low weight and the compact housing ensure that you will always happily have these binoculars with you, be it in the field, or on trips to visit landmarks and landscapes.

  • The Atera is equipped with a vibration damper, which ensures a consistently stable image field, in which it corrects hand movements over the entire magnification range.
  • The automatic switch-off function which activates after 5 minutes reduces unnecessary power consumption.
  • All lenses have a fully multi-layered coating for high contrast.
  • The prism is treated with a phase coating which improves resolution by reducing halation, and a dielectric coating with high reflectivity guarantees a bright picture and minimizes reflection.

To reduce hand vibration the Atera uses a free-moving prism in the binocular body. This compensates horizontal and vertical movements of +/- 3�. The image is frozen as if you were using a tripod.

Included is a carrying strap and a bag.

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