TS Optics Finder shoe for flat contact surface


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With this viewfinder shoe, you can mount your viewfinder mount on a flat support surface, such as the angular mirror box of a Dobsonian or the flat bearing surface of a pipe clamp. The viewfinder shoe has a slot, suitable for M5 screws. We recommend countersunk screws, ie screws with angled head, as other screws would survive and thus make it difficult to find the correct viewfinder.

Which viewfinder brackets fit?

  • All optical viewfinders and red dot finders from Skywatcher
  • Viewfinder from Vixen
  • Viewfinder from GSO
  • Optical viewfinders, red dot finders and mini guiding telescopes from TS-Optics
  • and many more

Plane bearing surface: 41 x 39 mm

Product number: 52351


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