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TS Optics 20 x 80 Triplet Semi-APO – Big binocular with reduced false colour and flat field by triplet objectives

The 20×80 Triplet APO by TS Optics sets a new standard in its class. It is a robust binocular for the demanding nature observer and an exceptional binocular telescope for viewing astronomical objects. The triplet objective has a noticeable better image quality than comparable doublet objectives. False colour is reduces and the off-axis-sharpness is better.

Better image quality by triplet objectives:
Most binocular objectives are doublets. The new designed triplet objectives allow significantly better image corrections on-axis and also in the field.

Better field flattening: sharp image on-axis and also in the field
Less false colour:
the blue fringe is significantly reduced and finest detail can be detected
Lower distortion:
objects keep their form. For instance, the moon does not becom oval if placed on the rim of the field

The integrated tripod adapter:
Despite the moderate weight of 2.4 kg, the 20×80 triplet has an integrated tripod adapter to mount the binocular on any standard photo tripod with 1/4″ thread. We recommend using this binocular with a tripod because a magnification of 20x cannot be used free-hand for more than a few seconds. Find suitable tripods in the “Accessories” section.

Fields of use:
The 20×80 Triplet is good transportable. The rubber armour and its robust design make it very suitable for outdoor use.

  • Astronomy: especially for astronomical use, a good image quality is very important. Even minor abbreviations are noticed quickly. Especially in this field, this binoucular convinces with its high correction level. We know no better astronomical binocular in this price range so the TS 2080T is our top recommendation.
  • Nature observation, birding, hunting: with the 20x magnification, even far targets can be viewed as if they were close to you. Thanks to 80mm aperture, the image remains bright. No disturbing false colour reduces contrast. Finest colour gradings can be detected.

Very comfortable viewing position by long eye relief:

With 17mm eye relief, the 20×80 triplet offers stress-free observations. The wide field of view can surveyed easily. Observations with eyeglasses are no problem, too. The rubber eyeguard can be flipped down.

Fully multi coated on all optical surfaces:
The high optical quality requires the manufacturer’s best coatings. Sharpness and contrast can be made usable only in this way. The TS 20×80 triplet is fully multi coated on all optical surfaces.

TS Optics is a Telescopic Service trademark.

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