TS Optics Apochromatic refractor AP 60/360 PhotoLine FPL53 Red OTA


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The PhotoLine 60mm Apo is a herb-protruding travel telescope !

Thanks to the sliding dew cap, the telescope has a transport length of only 23 centimeters. So it fits in every hand luggage space. Mount the Apo on a tripod or on an astronomical photomontage, such as the Skywatcher Star Adventurer . So you have a conceivably lightweight and compact system for astrophotography!

Some features of the PhotoLine 60 mm f / 6 Apos:

  • Clear and high-contrast image without color errors. This is virtually completely corrected by the FPL53 (Ohara, Japan) and by the lanthanum partner glass .
  • 2 “gear drive pulley with ball bearing and reduction: Even heavy accessories, such as CCD cameras, are sensitively focused and held!
  • M54x0.75 thread connection for astrophotography for screwed adaptations.
  • Practical L-holder with multifunction plate. The Apo fits on any tripod and with optional prism rails to astronomical mounts.
  • Always in balance even with heavy accessories: you can simply mount the holder offset by 180 °. Thus, the Apo is synonymous with a large camera in balance.

The PhotoLine Apo offers you all possibilities for astrophotography or landscape and wildlife photography. The telescope replaces an expensive apochromatic telephoto lens. But you need a proofreader. The matching correctors are linked in the accessories section

The compact Apo is also very suitable for observation: the picture is brighter and more contrasted than most spotting scopes and the usable field is larger. You have a magnification range of 10x for the optimal overview up to 150x for detailed observations available.

Due to the generous working distance of 135mm from the 2 “socket you always need a zenith mirror or an amiciprisma for observation.

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