TS Optics 25mm 1.25” super ploessl eyepiece


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Super Plossl eyepieces

The Plossl eyepiece design has set a new standard for quality and has been in use for decades. Its popularity is due to the good performance at an unusually low price. Super Plossls are state of the art Plossl eyepieces with outstanding optical quality. They are particularly well suited for observing planets and the moon. Their image sharpness and their high transmission makes them ideal eyepieces for many applications.

Quality Features of the Super Plössl eypieces:

  • High Grade Multi-Coating: A special high grade multicoating on all glass-to-air surfaces provides for excellent light transmission, image clarity and colour fidelity. For further information on this FMC coating please see “user reports”!
  • Blackened lens edges for suppression of stray light inside the eyepiece. This is particularly important when viewing bright objects
  • Rubber eyeguardfor better viewing comfort. The eyeguard also keeps stray light from the side out of your eyes.

TS Optics is a Telescopic Service trademark.

Product number: 12449


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