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Track The Stars Mount TTS-160 Panther AZ GoTo


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Portable, stable and easy to use – altazimuth GoTo mount for observing and astrophotography.

Does your bulky and heavy telescope mount hold you back from your favourite activities? Now there is a faster and easier way to get your telescope to the darkest observing sites!

The TTS-160 is portable: observe whenever and wherever you wish. Amazingly easy to carry – the TTS-160 Panther is ideal for spontaneous observing in the garden, on holiday, or far away from the city lights. The pier and the mount head fit into two compact transport bags. All the components and sensitive parts are sealed in smooth anodised aluminum cylinders which keep out dirt, dust and moisture. The streamlined compact design also protects the mount from damage during transport or storage.

The TTS-160 is quickly ready for use: spend more time observing and less time preparing. The starry sky is just minutes away. A quick setup, quick balancing and fast alignment all save you time. There is no need to set the mount horizontally, to align north, or to align to the north celestial pole. And you can set up the mount where the Pole Star is not visible, for example close to the south wall of a house in order to get good protection from the wind. The computer control offers pre-installed celestial objects from the Messier, NGC and IC catalogues, and of course the planets. A direct entry of coordinates is also possible.

Suitable for large optics: recommended for astrophotography applications, or in the case of telescopes with a large lever effect, a maximum payload of 16kg. For purely visual observing with compact telescopes (for example a Schmidt-Cassegrain) the mount can take loads of up to 24 kilograms. The 100 millimetre diameter bronze azimuth worm gear with friction drive, and the 120 millimetre bronze worm gear altitude drive ensure smooth tracking, even with larger telescopes. These are driven by DC servo motors with optical high resolution encoders (0.09 arc seconds resolution).

A simple yet precise alignment ensures effortless observing and astrophotography.

  • The TTS-160 mount allows simple one- or two-star calibration. Date, time, geographical coordinates, polar alignment or GPS are not required.
  • Select one or two bright stars and the alignment is completed after a few simple steps.You are now ready to follow the movement of the stars and capture images.
  • The calibration also generates the data for the correct control of the optional telescope rotator. Astrophotography with long exposure times is also possible with this accessory!

The TTS-160 Panther was developed in Denmark and represents a real milestone with its superior design!

Delivery contents:

  • TTS-160 Panther mount head. It includes axes, drives and all the electronics.
  • Hand-control box with spiral cable
  • Cable for serial PC interface
  • Power supply cable with cigarette lighter connection
  • Large carrying case
  • Folding pier tripod
  • TTS160K pillar adapter
  • Prism clamp with arms
  • 2x 4kg counter weights

Hand control box


Transport bag

Typical application

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