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The Imaging Source DFK 33GX249e.AS GigE colour camera (IR cutting filter)


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The next generation of astronomy cameras, manufactured to industrial standards, robust and highly affordable, ideally suited for lunar, planetary and solar astrophotography! The new Signature Series from The Imaging Source features the latest CMOS technology. The cameras are extremly light sensitive and deliver exceptional image quality – perfect for low-light applications!

Sony CMOS Pregius Chip

The camera ships with a modern progressive scan CMOS chip. Thanks to its extremely high quality, this chip is also often used in other scientific, industrial and medical image processing applications.

IR Cut Filter As Standard

Unlike the human eye, CMOS chips are sensitive to near infrared light (wavelengths over 700 nm). The DFK cameras ship with an IR cut filter as standard and are thus suited to applications in which these wavelengths would lead to interference or undesirable results.

High Speed Data Transfer via GigE

In order to transfer the vast amount of data created by the stream of uncompressed and lossless images to the host PC, you need a very high speed bus. Hence, the camera is fitted with a fast data port.

Included Software

The camera ships with the device driver and the camera control and image acquisition application IC Capture.AS. Both of these run on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP (32 and 64 bit).

Colour or mono? Black and white cameras have the advantage of higher sensitivity and resolution than colour cameras. However, more effort is required to obtain a colour image. You also need colour filters and a filter wheel

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