TeleVue Barlow Lens 5x Powermate 1,25″


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Al Nagler’s 4-element concept, continues the tradition of full-field sharpness with optimum aberration control. Like long eye-relief? Retain the eye-relief of long focal length eyepieces, while at high power. Enjoy, for example, the sharpness and comfort of the 32mm Plössl at up to 5 times the power!

The Powermate consists of a negative doublet plus a positive “pupil-correcting” doublet. This 4-element system provides the magnifying function of a Barlow without its limitations by restoring the field rays back to their original direction, as if the Powermate were not there. The result is a pure magnification increase.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • PowerMate with combination of four lens elements
  • no vignetting when observing
  • gives an extremely good image
  • good edge definition in almost all optical systems
  • optimal in conjunction with an H-alpha telescope due to parallel light path
  • very robust housing with 1.25″ compression ring clamp
  • 1.25″ filter thread

Product number: 16912


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