Telegizmos T311/365 telescope cover for 8-11” SC


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The 365 Series Cover is designed to meet the most demanding equipment coverage needs including 24/7, 365 outside exposure. The 365 is a multi layered/dual material design that incorporates Solar Cover material as an inner radiant barrier coupled to an outer cover made of high count, acrylic coated woven polyester. This combination of materials produces an effective cover system capable of providing years of protection, even when used outside 24/7, 365.


  • waterproof
  • washable
  • effectively prevents the build-up of heat in the telescope in summer
  • built-in elastic cord for firm closure and to prevent it flying away
  • secure against damage from extreme winds and extremely tear-resistant under correct and moderate use
  • thermally stable – the material retains its protective function even in extreme heat or cold

Product number: 12191


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