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Swarovski Binoculars CL Pocket Mountain 8×25


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CL Pocket Series binoculars

The CL Pocket series are binoculars that you can take with you anywhere and use for anything – whether on holiday, hiking, sightseeing or on excursions. It is the perfect companion, providing unique optical quality, at the highest level, in a handy format. Experience high-contrast, sharp and true-colour images, letting you collect impressions that you will not forget any time soon. Small can also be simply inspired!

Small on the outside, large on the inside

CL Pocket binoculars are foldable compact binoculars of unique optical quality. They provide maximum observing comfort, even during prolonged use, and can be operated intuitively. Their individually adjustable eyecups allow spectacle wearers to benefit from entire wide field of view.

Put the world in your pocket

This pair of binoculars – which can travel with you anywhere and be used for any purpose, no matter what you are experiencing – is eminently practical. The promise of unlimited observing comfort, without compromise, is wonderful. But to have compact binoculars which also feature excellent optical quality is just awesome. The new, inspired, CL Pocket binoculars – 100% binoculars.

Model variants

The CL Pocket series is available in green, sand-coloured and black. You can also choose between 8X or 10X magnification.

CL Pocket Mountain

The CL Pocket Mountain are foldable compact binoculars of exceptional optical quality. They offer optimum viewing comfort, even during long observation periods, and are easy to use. Even eyeglass wearers can fully benefit from the large field of view thanks to the individually adjustable twist-in eyecups.

CL Pocket Mountain binoculars equip you for every discovery. You will be thrilled with their small, foldable design that offers great optical quality, whether you are in the mountains, unexpectedly observing wildlife, or simply on your travels. Always at hand wherever you are. Enjoy moments even more – with SWAROVSKI OPTIK.

The Mountain model comes with a special bag and a strap made from climbing rope cord. The rubber armouring is in black/anthracite.

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