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Skywatcher Telescope AC 120/600 StarTravel EQ3-2


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A super+bright Kometensucher when short dimensions.
with azimuthal installing Az-3, Sucher 6x30mm, zenith prism 1.25″, eyepiece set 1.25″and aluminium tripod.
A perfect companion to large spotting scopes, this all-metal alt-azimuth mount is exceptionally sturdy and easy to operate. It features slow-motion control cables on both axes, allowing horizontal and vertical operation.

a completely new Design: nearly 5 tariff opening with only 600mm focal length.
an absolute world novelty!

The EQ3-2 mount:

This mount is a further development of the EQ-3 mount designed in white. It provides a stable base for most medium-sized optics and is ideal for exploring the night sky. Once you have aligned the parallactic mount with the Pole Star, you can easily sight on an object, adjust it in the field of view and track it using the flexible slow-motions. Fine adjustment is possible in both right ascension and declination. The polar elevation at the observing site can be set using the fine scale provided and adjusted perfectly by using two screws. Both polar finder and electric motors plus a control can be retrofitted to both axes: the EQ3-2 is suitable not only for visual observing, but also for getting started in astrophotography. With optional add-ons such as the motor kit or GoTo upgrade kit, long exposure astrophotography also becomes possible. With a little practice, you will soon be able to produce successful images of galaxies and nebulae.

Included with the mount:

  • mount with manual adjustment knobs
  • extra brace with eyepiece tray
  • suitable counterweights

It is not only important which telescope you buy, but also where you buy it.

We provide extra help:

  • We are a leading telescope dealer and know these instruments like the back of our hands.
  • We are always very happy to offer our assistance after your purchase, should you encounter any problems with your telescope’s setup or operation.
  • Our ‘Telescope Basics’ booklet – an 80-page beginner’s guide for our telescopes – is provided free of charge with every telescope we sell.


Storage shelf for accessories

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