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The Star Discovery mount with SynScan™ WIFI module generates its own WLAN. This makes it wirelessly controllable with your Android, iOS smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is install the free SynScan app on your mobile device.

Control via the SynScan app has many advantages – It is wireless, particularly intuitive with its touch screen and graphical user interface and offers other options, such as the astronomical highlights for the current night, identification of astronomical objects, etc.

The initialization required before observing is also very straightforward and uses GPS data from your mobile device. After performing the simple alignment procedure, you are then immediately ready to start exploring the universe. The SynScan app allows fully computerized GoTo control of the mount and automatically slews your telescope to any object you select from the extensive database of over 10,000 objects.

Additional features

  • Freedom-Find™ Double Encoder Technology – you can move the mount by hand, after freeing the clutches, without losing the computer control’s orientation. Fast slewing by hand is quieter and saves on battery life.
  • and speaking of quiet – the mount operates with very little noise, so your neighbours will be happy.
  • you can connect any telescope, up to five kilos in weight, that has a Vixen standard prism rail.
  • the mount has a battery compartment. You can also connect a power adapter (12V, centre contact positive). We recommend using a ‘Powertank’ (see ‘Recommended Accessories’).
  • low weight – altazimuth single-arm mounts are very lightweight due to their design and are therefore particularly suitable for mobile use.
SynScan App

Product number: 57362


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