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Shelyak Spectroscope LISA near IR


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LISA is a low resolution high luminosity spectroscope F/5, R~600-1000.


  • Collimator F=130mm F/5
  • High efficiency thanks to focal reducer
  • Power of resolution R ~1 000 for 23 µm slit
  • Slit 15/19/23/35µm
  • Slit length 4 mm
  • Telescope interface M42 (T-standard), backfocus 41 mm
  • Acquisition camera interface T mount standard, M 42 * 0.75, backfocus 54.9 mm
  • Guiding camera interface C mount, backfocus 17.5 mm

LISA is sold with a a custom-foamed carrying case.

This is the basic module for near Infra-Red domain observation (650-1000nm). LISA is also available in visible spectral domain version.

Product number: 54329


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