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Shelyak Spectroscope Lhires III


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Lhires III is a very high resolution spectrograph designed for amateur and educational astronomy. Numerous projects are within reach thanks to the technology involved in this instrument. Professional/amateur collaborations have been done with Lhires III spectrographs.

  • power of resolution R ~18000
  • resolution of 0.035nm near H-alpha
  • wavelength selected by micrometer
  • mirror slit 15-35µm, reflective for guiding (other slits available in option)
  • internal argon-neon or neon lamp for calibration, internal tungsten for flat
  • motorised calibration for remote operations
  • improved C-mount guiding port (focal ratio: 0.8x)

The guiding camera backfocus range is 15.5mm to 21mm with a C-thread.

Lhires III spectrograph is shipped with an 1.25″ eyepiece holder and a 2400 gr/mm grating module. An SC-Telescope adapter is also provided.

Transport case

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