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Seben Star Sheriff 1000-114 EQ3 Reflector Telescope Astronomy Scope


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Seben Star-Sheriff incl. “Big-Pack” 1000-114 EQ3 Reflector Telescope

We assembled a Big Pack for you again, as we are known for!

Lots of accessories are included without hidden extra costs!

Important information for everyone interested in astronomy products:

For more than one decade Seben has been delivering high quality products all over the world. Among our clients we count thousands and thousands of private users as well as known institutions, which did not decide in favour of our products before they ran extensive tests.

Please consider that the market has been flooded with many different offers just recently. But behind many of these offers products of bad quality are hiding.

Therefore trust in Seben products, as they have already been tried and tested thousand fold!

Item description:

Seben’s Star-Sheriff 1000-114 telescope is a high quality reflector telescope. The combination of an enormous 114mm aperture and a remarkable focal length of 1000mm have been popular and proven for many years. It enables a fascinating observation of the night sky in unimaginable clarity!

Because of the huge 114mm aperture of Seben’s Star-Sheriff you can observe stars up to a class of 12.8M (over 2,250,000 stars visible!!!).

The tremendous focal length of 1000mm makes it possible to receive a sharp and detailed image, even when you are using high magnifications.

Furthermore Seben’s Star-Sheriff is a catadioptric telescope. The greatest advantage of this design is its compactness that you will especially notice during the transport and the setting up of Seben’s Star-Sheriff. And since the wind hasn’t got such a great target, it won’t be shaken so badly during stormy nights.

Because of its up-to-date-construction, and in combination with its modern, high performance 1.25″ (31.7mm) accessory sockets, you are able to equip Seben’s Star-Sheriff telescope with nearly every accessory available. It is even possible to extend Seben’s Star-Sheriff for the popular pastime of Astrophotography!

But we aren’t just talking about extra accessories, we do the job properly! The following 31.7mm (1.25″) extra accessories are all part of our “Big-Pack”. Whereas you usually have to spend a lot of extra money for them with other manufacturers, there is not a penny extra to be paid with us.

The added 31.7mm (1.25″) Moon Filter reduces the Moon’s glare. This is produced by reflected sunlight and normally washes out most of the craters and other surface details from view.

The additionally supplied 31.7mm (1.25″) Barlow Lens enables a doubling of the magnification of the inserted eyepiece.

The 31.7mm (1.25″) 1,5x Erecting Eyepiece produces an upright and side correct image. This is of particular importance for terrestrial viewing, because usually the image would appear upside down in an astronomical telescope.

Because of its lower power the 5×24 Finder Scope makes it easier to locate celestial objects.

With the provided 31.7mm (1.25″) eyepieces (20mm, 12.5mm, 6mm and 4mm) the following magnifications can be achieved without further accessories having to be bought expensively: 50x, 80x, 100x, 160x, 167x, 250x, 334x and 500x.

The extremely stable, vertically adjustable Tripod enables best observation conditions, especially if you want to shift from celestial to terrestrial viewing or vice versa.

Furthermore we want to accentuate the equatorial mount of the telescope, which enables easy tracking of celestial objects as they move across the night sky. Contrary to a simply two-axis altazimuth mount which can only be moved in altitude, up and down, or azimuth, side to side, as separate motions, an equatorial mount also has a rotational axis parallel to the Earth’s axis of rotation. The equatorial axis (the right ascension) of an equatorial mount is paired with a second perpendicular axis of motion (known as the declination).


  • Aperture: 114mm
  • Focal Length: 1000mm (catadioptric system)
  • Faintest discernable stars: 12.8M! (over 2,250,00 Stars visible!!!)
  • Dawes Limit: 1.21 arc-seconds
  • Focal Ratio: f/9
  • Eyepieces: 31.7mm (1.25″)
  • Magnification normal: SR4mm/250x, H6mm/167x, H12.5mm/80x, H20mm/50x
  • Magnification with Barlow-Lens: SR4mm/500x, H6mm/334x, H12.5mm/160x, H20mm/100x
  • Mount: EQ3
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Extendable for astrophotography, usage of filters, etc. because of the 31.7mm (1.25″) accessory sockets

Contents of delivery:

1x Telescope tube Seben Star-Sheriff 1000-114

Furthermore you receive the following accessories without paying one penny extra:

  • 1x Eyepiece 31.7mm (1.25″) H20
  • 1x Eyepiece 31.7mm (1.25″) H12.5
  • 1x Eyepiece 31.7mm (1.25″) H6
  • 1x Eyepiece 31.7mm (1.25″) SR4
  • 1x 1.5x Erecting Eyepiece 31.7mm (1.25″)
  • 1x Moon Filter 31.7mm (1.25″)
  • 1x Barlow-Lens 31.7mm (1.25″)
  • 1x Finder Scope 5×24
  • 1x EQ3 Mount
  • 4x Protective eyepiece receptacles
  • 1x Protective cap for the tube
  • 1x Protective cap for the accessory socket
  • 1x Sturdy, vertically adjustable aluminium tripod

Our expert comment:

Are you looking for a high quality telescope?

Be sure you consider our first class Omegon Telescope Advanced 150/750 EQ-320 and Omegon Advanced N 203/1200 telescopes. These offer a more stable base and much better optics.

It is also worth taking a look here for Omegon Advanced Telescopes. ( video in German)

Product number: 59851


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