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Pulsar Remote Shutter Drive


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For the remote controlled operation of your observatory, you must motorize the observation window. This drive is designed for operation with the Pulsar 2.2 meter and 2.7 meter domes.

Power is supplied by a built-in lithium battery , which is kept permanently in operation by the newly developed and supplied PULSAR induction charger . The power supply of the induction charger is centrally via the control unit of the dome drive. The charging and battery details are easily accessible through the rotary drive control unit so you can monitor the status of your shutter battery. Alternatively, an optional plug-in charger can also be used.

The drive system is permanently switched on and the opening flap can be opened or closed by the control knob. Of course, the control can also be done via the Pulsar Observatories software . For this purpose, a Bluetooth connection is made with the remote dome drive .

The delivery includes all the required mounting material.

Product number: 56194


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