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PrimaLuceLab ESATTO 2″ Robotic Microfocuser


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ESATTO is the new generation robotic focuser that you control by any Windows computer by connecting it to a USB port, or via WiFi by using ESATTO app on your smartphone or tablet with the Virtual HandPad! ESATTO robotic microfocuser is also available in a larger 3″ version

Main features:

  • Crayford style focuser with ball bearings, specially designed for very high load capacity with no flexure
  • Low profile design
  • Incredible resolution of 0.04 microns per step!
  • Special adapters to easily connect to many different telescopes.
  • Remotely controlled from EAGLE or any Windows computer, with dedicated control software or ASCOM drivers.
  • USB-C connector offering greater reliability and can be connected to any USB type port thanks to the included cable.
  • Remote control with WiFi from any smartphone, tablet or computer and ESATTO Virtual HandPad app also for visual use!
  • Many camera threaded adapters with stop ring on the camera side to rotate and keep the camera in the optical axis.
  • ARCO port to easily connect the ARCO camera rotator to the ESATTO without the need for additional data or power cables.

You don’t need to worry on how to connect ESATTO to your telescope – You can choose among the many models and adapters available! You can easily connect ESATTO to telescopes like Schmidt-Cassegrains, Aplanatic Schmidt-Cassegrains, refractors, Cassegrains, Newtonians, and more! ESATTO truly is the universal focuser and if you can’t find an adapter for your telescope, just contact us!

ESATTO has been specifically designed for easy remote operation in order to let your telescope take advantage of all the latest technology in astrophotography. ESATTO comes with a sturdy USB-C port (which you can connect to any USB type port thanks to the cable included in the box) to connect to EAGLE or any Windows computer, and control it via the provided ESATTO software or ASCOM driver. When connected to one of the USB3.0 ports on the EAGLE (or USB 3.0 ports of Windows computers capable of at least 1A), the ESATTO can be powered and controlled via the one cable!

ESATTO has built-in WiFi remote control capability so you can control it from any smartphone, tablet or computer! Just connect your device to the WiFi network of ESATTO and start the app – You will be able to control the focuser by using the dedicated ESATTO Virtual HandPad app. Thanks to convenient preset settings, you can easily record and move the focuser to specific predetermined positions – Great for visual use!

Product number: 62689


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