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PrimaLuceLab ECCO computerized dew heater controller for EAGLE


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ECCO is the Environmental Computerized COntroller for the PrimaLuceLab EAGLE that automates the management of dew heaters during long exposure astrophotography. By adding the ECCO module to your EAGLE, it will automatically and continuously monitor the temperature and humidity of the air around your telescope and calculates the dew point (the temperature below which dew condenses on surfaces). Additionally, it monitors the temperature of your lenses via temperature probes. This way, EAGLE will vary the heating of the dew heaters connected to the appropriate ports avoiding dew to condensate on your optics while minimizing your heating power usage as much as possible. This will extend your battery life during long astrophotography sessions. Everything works automatic with an easy to use device. Just connect it to the EAGLE’s USB port. For this reason the device is called ECCO. In Italian, it means “There you go”!

The EAGLE has 3 0-12V, adjustable voltage power supply ports where you can connect your dew heaters without the need of an external controller. Using the EAGLE Manager software you can activate these ports and manually adjust the voltage control your dew heaters. ECCO instead, thanks to the integration of appropriate temperature and humidity sensors, adds an automatic dew heater power control to the EAGLE: by monitoring in real time the temperature of the optics of your instruments (through the appropriate probes, a maximum of 3 probes are supported), air temperature and humidity (via the sensors included in ECCO body). ECCO calculates the dew point and then automatically adjusts the power of your dew heaters to prevent any dewing!

Plug&Play functionality. Just connect the temperature sensors (to be fixed near the optics of your telescope) to the device and the USB cable to one of the EAGLE USB ports (ECCO is compatible with second generation EAGLE equipped with dew heaters power ports), and you will see it appearing on the EAGLE Manager (it needs EAGLE Manager at least version 2.0). You can see in real time the dew point calculation, the temperature detected by the temperature probes you have installed and the variation of the power supplied by the EAGLE to the dew heaters. ECCO does not require any external power supply!

Very easy to install on your telescope. ECCO can be installed on any finder base like PrimaLuceLabs DX base or Celestron, SkyWatcher or GSO telescopes. It is therefore very easy to connect to your telescope. ECCO is designed as an external module of the EAGLE and not as an integrated instrument, because if it were internal to the EAGLE, the measurements of temperature and humidity of the air would be influenced by the (even if weak) heat created by the EAGLE during use. With an external module, the data recorded by ECCO is incredibly precise.

Great PrimaLuceLab design. As with all PrimaLuceLab products, ECCO offers you innovative features in a product characterized by refined design and high quality construction. Made entirely of 6061 T6 aluminum and produced using CNC machines, ECCO is completely red anodized to increase the strength and durability of the materials. It can also be used as a finder support by adding the optional Finder support for ECCO. You can install your finder or guide scope above ECCO instead of using guide rings (this is a perfect solution, for example, for small apochromatic refractors and very portable setups).

Scope of delivery:

  • ECCO with connection to finder shoe
  • 2 temperature probes
  • micro USB cable

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