PegasusAstro Stepper Motor Cable Starlight HSM


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(Note: Product only similar to illustration)

This cable is needed when connection a focus motor to the PegasusAstro Ultimate Powerbox (v1/v2), to the PegasusAstro Dual Motor Focus Controller (with RJ45 output), or to the PegasusAstro eXternal Motor Controller.

Choose the correct version of the cable for your focus motor:

  • RJ45 to DB9: Robofocus, Moonlite, Lakeside or other generic unipolar stepper motors
  • Meade Zero Image Shift
  • Rigel nStep
  • Starlight HSM
  • Starlight MSM
  • Lacerta Focus Motor
  • PegasusAstro Motor Focus Kit: No special cable is necessary. A regular (straight) RJ45 to RJ45 cable (Ethernet or LAN cable) will work.

Product number: 65120


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