PegasusAstro Cable for Powerbox, 0.5m, 2.5×5.5 Stecker


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The cables in this pack fit into the power output sockets of the PegasusAstro Powerbox. Use them to power your equipment.

Please choose the correct set for your needs:

  • Regular: 4 cables, length 100 cm, plug 2.1×5.5 (this pack is already included in the scope of delivery for every powerbox)
  • Short: 2 cables, length 50 cm, plug 2.1×5.5 (this pack has shorter cables)
  • 2.5×5.5: 2 cables, length 100 cm, plug 2.5×5.5 (this pack can supply astro-equipment with the less common 2.5×5.5 12V plug)
  • Intel NUC 1 cablel, length 50cm, plug 2.5×5.5 (short cable with 2.5×5.5 plug, perfect for Intel NUC)

Product number: 68769


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