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Optolong Filters UBVRI set photometric 36×2


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Optolong UBVRI photometric filter set – unmounted

This photometric UBVRI set contains five filters with dimensions � 36x2mm ultraviolet (U), blue (B), visual (V), red (R) and infrared (I). The set is made from quality brand-name glass, which has been multi-coated via ion beam assisted deposition to ensure scratch resistance and precisely-located central wavelength.

Quality Materials

Brand-name glass from Germany as the substrate, 36mm diameter, 2mm thick

  • Multi-layer antireflective coating applied via electron beam physical vapour deposition and ion beam assisted deposition.

Quality finish

Filter substrates optically polished on both sides down to 1/4 lambda and with under 30 arc seconds non-parallelism

Polishing quality 60/40, in accordance with MIL-O-13830

A uniform and accurate coating method which ensures both high transmission in the passbands and high optical density in the off-band ranges

Each filter comes in a small plastic box with EVA packing.

Please note that this filter must never be used as the only solar filter!

Product number: 59439


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