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Optolong Filters Clear Sky Filter 77mm


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Filters with 77mm filter thread for photo lenses : Particularly well suited for increasing contrast in aurora – and DeepSky photography !

In natural and macro photography, red and brown tones (e.g. twilight colors, sunset, autumn leaves) are emphasized and better differentiated.

  • Reduction of stray light from street lights, for example
  • Blocks the yellow light – a clear advantage that cannot be replaced by post-processing on the PC.
  • Made of special optical glass with neodymium oxide

Ideal for wide-angle pictures of the Milky Way and the starry sky with photo lenses: In contrast to widely used interference filters (CLS, UHC), this filter can be used in front of a wide-angle lens, which is not possible with interference filters. Such filters require vertically incident light and therefore have to be mounted between the lens and camera in a complex manner for wide-angle shots.

Product number: 67558


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