Optika Zoom trinocular head, with SZM-T eyepieces


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The microscope has no illumination system, but it can be used with external illuminators (halogen, LED or optical fibers) or with the following models:

  • ST-151
  • ST-153
  • SZ-STL3Led
  • ST-155
  • ST-156
  • SZ-STL8

Focusing The microscope can be used with the following models of stand: As an alternative it’s possible to use focusing systems with a 76 mm diameter head holder.

  • ST-150
  • ST-151
  • ST-152
  • ST-153
  • SZ-STL1H
  • SZ-STL2H
  • SZ-STL3Led
  • SZ-STL3
  • SZ-STL4
  • ST-155
  • ST-156
  • SZ-STL8

SZM-T – routine stereozoomhead


  • Trinocular 360° rotating and 45° inclined.
  • Adjustment +- 5 diopters on both eyepieces.
  • Interpupillary adjustment 51-75 mm.


  • Widefield eyepieces WF10x/20 with field number 20


  • Parfocal achromatic objective 1X
  • Working distance: 100 mm
  • Zoom range: 0,7x – 4,5x (zoom factor: 6,43:1).
  • Maximum magnification in standard configuration: 45X (can be increased to 180X).


  • Instruction manual and dust cover included.

Product number: 25437


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