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Optika Objective M-1121.N, IOS W-PLAN PH 20x/0.40


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Model: IOS Phase Contrast Planachromatic

Description: Objectives for brightfield, darkfield and phase contrast observation

  • Magnification / Numerical Aperture

• 10X / 0,25 (M-1120.N)

• 20X / 0,40 (M-1121.N)

• 40X / 0,65 (M-1122.N)

• 100X / 1,25 (oil immersion) (M-1123.N)

  • Optical Correction Negative Phase Contrast.
  • Flat field correction for 22mm F.N., planachromatic spherical and chromatic corrections.
  • Mechanical tube length IOS (infinity-corrected tube length)
  • Cover Glass Thickness 0.17 mm
  • Working Distance • 10X W.D. 10mm

• 20X W.D. 5.1mm

• 40X W.D. 0.54mm (spring-loaded)

• 100X W.D. 0.13mm (spring-loaded)

  • Screw Thread RMS Standard
  • Parfocal Distance 45 mm

Product number: 56393


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