Optika C-E2 eyepiece camera, 2 MP, CMOS, USB2.0


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OPTIKAM EC2 – 4083.EC2

Digital camera resolution 2 MP

Analog camera resolution NO

Signal output USB 2.0

Audio Signal NO

Sensor Size 13”

Sensor technology CMOS

Image format 43

Full Image size 1600×1200

Pixel size 2.8×2.8 µm

Frame rate full resolution 30 fps (640×480)

Frame rate other resolutions 15 fps (1600×1200)

Sensitivity 1.9 V/lux-sec (550 nm)

Signal / noise ratio 42.3 dB max

Dynamic range 71 dB

Max Exposure time Auto

ADC conversion 8 bit

Color Depth 8 bit

ON board Memory NO

External Memory Card NO

External camera power PC USB

Cooling system NO

External Cooling power NO

On camera case IR Filter 700 nm

Automatic White Balance Auto / Man

Automatic Gain Control Auto / Man

Automatic Back light control Auto / Man

Exposure control Auto / Man

C-Mount connection NO

CS-Mount connection NO

Product number: 62381


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