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Omegon tracking motor for 130/920 EQ-2 and 90/1000 EQ-2


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Motor drive for your Omegon 90/1000 EQ-2 / 130/920 EQ-2 telescope

It’s a clear starry night. The object is located in the field of view, the planet Jupiter perhaps. You watch how the planet rapidly moves out of the field of view. The manual slow motion controls of your telescope allow you get the object back into the field of view…

This is also possible automatically

Take the easy way and use the tracking motor for your Omegon mount. It saves you constantly having to adjust the position of the telescope by hand. Simply connect it up and you can concentrate on observing.

The motor now does all the work, and from now on will move your telescope at exactly sidereal speed. The object remains permanently in the field of view, as long as the motor is running!

Yet more features

Along with the Skywatcher motor, you will also get a hand box for controlling your telescope. Four large buttons are used for 8X and 2X sidereal speeds, and there is also a pause button. This enables you to move an object into position in the field of view at a higher speed.

In addition to the ON/OFF switch, there is a switch for selecting which hemisphere you are located in. This means the Omegon RA tracking motor will work anywhere in the world. The hand box is easy to hold and operate, so you are always in control even with gloves on.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • RA axis motor for automatic tracking
  • powers the main axis of the telescope
  • suitable for visual observing
  • easy operation – manual tracking no longer necessary
  • easy installation which takes only a few minutes
  • hand box for 2X and 8X speeds
  • switch for Northern and Southern hemispheres
  • battery compartment, with cable, for six D batteries

Product number: 26951


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