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Who does not know the problems? Blurred and dazzled astro-images because the wind gusted at the last moment, or because someone had to wave a torch around at a telescope meeting and the exposure picked up stray light from it?

There is now a solution to these problems with this portable tent observatory. Weighing only 4.5kg and ready to use within 10 minutes, it protects the telescope against wind, stray light and weather. The tent observatory is the ideal companion at telescope meetings and observation nights in the country or in the mountains. No irritating repeated setting-up and dismantling when the weather is changeable!

In addition to the telescope, the tent observatory also offers enough space for 3-4 persons.

Technical Data:

  • Colour: green
  • Base diameter (m): 2.8
  • Height (m): 1.4
  • Opening diameter (m): 2,0
  • Weight (kg): 4.5

Product number: 12278


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