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Omegon f/4 astrograph – for unforgettable astronomy photos
Which other type of telescope can be used to create a beautiful image with so little effort? With Omegon astrographs this is easier than with ‘ordinary’ telescopes. Why? The answer is obvious – because an aperture ratio of f/4 means a big light output and consequently shorter exposure times. Immerse yourself in the world of deep sky photography. Admire faint galaxies or details in hydrogen nebulae. The Omegon astrograph sets a new benchmark for your astronomy photos.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • f/4 astrograph – a telescope with ultra-fast aperture ratio for short exposures
  • suitable to go on medium mountings due to its short overall length
  • wide field of view for extended objects – approx. 24mm is illuminated
  • 94% reflection parabolic main mirror for bright images
  • large secondary mirror – good illumination for DSLR cameras
  • robust 2″ Crayford focuser with 1:10 reduction and 1.25″ reducer
  • faster cool-down for getting started observing quicker – main mirror fan

94% reflection f/4 main mirror
Astrographs are suitable for visual observing, but only show their full potential when used for astrophotography. Their f/4 aperture means they are among the ‘fastest’ Newtonian telescopes around, allowing you to take shorter exposure images.
The secondary mirror and the parabolic BK7 main mirror are 94% reflective, providing brighter and higher contrast images. One can see a visible improvement when compared to a ‘normal’ mirror which is around 88% reflective.

No shadows, only light – large secondary mirror
Attach your DSLR camera or a modern CCD camera to the telescope and enjoy impressive illumination over a wide field of view. No shadowing is noticeable thanks to the particularly large secondary mirror (see also below). Observing with 2″ wide-field eyepieces is now perfect.

Less mistakes – more fun with the photography
The particularly short OTA length and focal length means the telescope is compact – the astrograph is about 20% shorter as compared to an f/5 system. This means you can also use this OTA’s excellent optics on a medium mount, saving yourself the expense and clumsiness of a heavier mount.
Another advantage is that the astrograph is perfect for extended deep sky objects thanks to its shorter focal length. This system is also more tolerant of small tracking errors than a telescope with a longer focal length. You will achieve some astounding astrophotography with even just a little effort.

3″ focuser with linear ball bearings – illuminate huge fields of view

Instead of using classic ball-bearings this eyepiece has a ‘Linear-Power-System’. The advantage is that a stainless steel rail makes the focuser much more stable. Your equipment will not tilt or slip.

The 72mm inner diameter of the focuser tube provides shadow-free illumination for large and fast telescopes. It is even suitable for full-frame sensors. It is the right focuser for your large field camera.

In comparison, a 2″ focuser would show unsightly shadowing on the edge of the image – a 3″ focuser means more freedom for large and extended images, and that’s just how it should be!

Of course, this focuser has even more features

  • dual rate 1:10 reduction assists you in accurately focusing astronomical objects. – a 2″ to 1.25″ adapter is included for all eyepieces and adapters
  • laser-engraved scale to help you find a previously used focus position
  • only 82mm long and with 50mm of adjustment
  • 74×0.5mm thread for adapter or filter wheel
  • friction adjustment
  • length 82mm

Get started observing faster – main mirror fan
Just a quiet, unobtrusive hum, but what an effect! – the built-in 12V fan means 50% faster cool-down of your main mirror. This allows your telescope to reach optimum image quality more rapidly, so you do not have to wait for so long.

Included in delivery and other important data

  • 12″ astrograph OTA with 88mm secondary mirror
  • secondary mirror marking for collimation
  • tube-ring clamps and 22cm Vixen-style prism rail
  • 2″ 35mm extender
  • OTA length 1170mm, OTA outer diameter 355mm
  • 12V fan
Pleiaden (M45) taken by Carlos Malagon
Andromeda (M31) taken by Carlos Malagon

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