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Omegon 76/900 EQ-2: observe the moon and planets for yourself

Do you often gaze up at the stars on a clear evening? How about taking a closer look? The Omegon 76mm reflector telescope lets you observe the Moon with its thousands of craters – almost as if you were floating silently and softly over the lunar surface. But it can do even more – take a look at what is packed into this small telescope.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • reflector telescope with 76mm aperture and 900mm focal length
  • for observing details of the Moon and planets
  • provides 118X more light than the naked eye alone
  • rock steady – sits on a powerful EQ-2 mount and tripod
  • red dot finder for easy location of astronomical objects

76mm telescope – 118 times more light than the naked eye aloneThe Omegon 76/900 is a reflecting telescope with a 76mm lens aperture. That means

it collects 118 times more light than the unassisted human eye. Enjoy lunar craters, cloud structures on Jupiter or Saturn with its rings. These objects

are thousands, even millions of kilometres away from us. How about a short ‘trip’ through our solar system?

Stable mount with tripod

The equatorial EQ-2 mount is a particularly solid base for your telescope. Most telescopes from other manufacturers only come with the smaller EQ-1mounting.

Astronomy is much more enjoyable with the Omegon 76/900 telescope on a stable mount. While others are still trying to get their inferior mount to

dowhat they want, you are already enjoying fascinating views of the universe.

An extra advantage is that the equatorial mount makes putting an object in the field of view very simple. The two slow-motion controls allow precise

steering of the mount and let you compensate for the Earth’s rotation. Objects hence always remain in the field of view, controlled by you.
Eyepieces and more – A set of accessories for getting started

Your Omegon 76/900 EQ-2 telescope includes a set of accessories for getting you started observing:

  • 25mm eyepiece
  • 6.5mm eyepiece
  • red dot finder

With the red dot finder lets you easily located your favourite astronomical objects. The eyepieces give you 36X and 138X magnification respectively.

This means that the telescope is ready for immediately taking your first steps in astronomy. But if and when you decide you want more accessories,

then simply choose from the vast range of eyepieces, filters and other equipment available from us. This telescope comes with a standard 1.25″

focuser, meaning it can also take accessories made by other manufacturers.

You should decide on this telescope, if you:

  • are looking for a small, low-priced telescope complete with accessories for getting started
  • want to first see if astronomy is the hobby for you
  • are interested mainly in the Moon and its craters
  • are looking for a gift for a child

The big plus – you get an equatorial mount with this telescope. The slow-motion controls keep astronomical objects easily centred within the field of view – let your family enjoy observing the Moon.

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