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Omegon SWA 32mm, 2” eyepiece


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The Omegon SWA series represents a new milestone in super wide angle eyepieces.

Super wide angle eyepieces have long been held in high regard due to their extremely wide apparent fields of view. Only with SWAs did the so-called ‘space walk’ effect – almost like the view through a spaceship window – become reality.

Powerful eyepieces for fast telescopes

With their new look and new internal design, these new Omegon SWA eyepieces are a far cry from older SWA eyepieces. They are now equipped with higher grip rubber armour and with new eyecups which are not only more convenient but also increase observing comfort.

In the optical department, there are now five glass elements arranged into three or four groups depending on the focal length involved. These give a 70° apparent field of view with high edge definition and a virtually distortion- free image. The human eye can still easily take in a 70° field of view without having to ‘look around’ in the eyepiece. These eyepieces can also be used with relatively fast, short-focus systems.

A new wide-band multi-coating means that light transmission has been increased even further. All lens edges are blackened and the internal baffle system reduces scattered light even further. Only high transparency glass surfaces and reduced reflections can ensure a really high-contrast image.

A large selection of 2″ and 1.25″ eyepieces

The Omegon SWA series consists of six eyepieces: 38mm, 32mm, 26mm, 20mm, 15mm and 10mm. The 38mm, 32mm and 26mm eyepieces are 2″ models. This means they are ideally suited to deep sky observing and provide enormous true fields of view. The shorter focal lengths: 20mm, 15mm and 10mm come with a 1.25” barrel. All the eyepieces in this series are parfocal, meaning refocusing is no longer necessary when changing between these eyepieces.

The new eyecup design can be adjusted steplessly, allowing the viewing distance to be precisely adjusted as required. Even spectacle wearers will still be able to see the entire 70° field of view.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • 70° apparent field of view
  • five elements, in three or four groups
  • blackened lens edges and an effective baffle system for high-contrast images
  • full wide-band multi-coating
  • parfocal within the series
  • steplessly adjustable eyecups

Our expert comment:

The optical designs of the Omegon SWA, Meade QX and Williams SWAN eyepieces are similar. Unlike its competitors however, Omegon SWAs have an adjustable eyecup and thus provide better protection from stray light and are individually adjustable for eye relief. In testing with an f5 Newtonian telescope, field correction was slightly better than for the Williams SWAN and light transmission slightly better than the Meade QX. The finish of the Omegon SWA is exemplary!

(Bernd Gährken)

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