Omegon NV 5×50 night vision device


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Omegon night vision device – see in the dark, just like a cat

We are as good as blind when it gets dark. And what is hiding out there in the darkness? Wouldn’t you like to be able to see in the dark like a cat or an owl? Aren’t you curious to know just what is prowling around in your garden at night? The Omegon night vision device lets you see in the dark, without being seen yourself.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • 5X magnification – for making out distant objects
  • high resolution and a sharp image – for seeing the fine details
  • up to 220 meters visibility in low light
  • built-in IR lamp – for seeing up to 25 metres in total darkness
  • Light Shut-Off – built-in system to protect against sudden glare
  1. Larger than life
  2. This night vision device provides 5X magnification allowing you to make out small animals, such as foxes, in the undergrowth. The precision focusing adjustment system (+/- 4dpt) lets you quickly set the focus for your eye, even if you wear glasses.
  3. See over 200 meters into the distance
  4. A good combination for night vision – the multi-coated 50mm optical system and a 1st generation residual light intensifier. The typical green image lets you see up to 220 meters into the night in low light conditions.
  5. As if the Sun has risen
  6. And if you ever want to see in total darkness, then simply switch on the built-in IR system. The IR lamp gives you a clear view out to 25 meters, even if you can’t see your hand in front of your face.
  7. The Omegon night vision device is multi- purpose
  • for hunting
  • for monitoring your home
  • for observing rare nocturnal animals
  • for night sports
  • for geocaching and for much, much more

A night vision device for everyone

Enhance your observing with this night vision device – no matter what you want to watch. It is both practical and ideally suited to leisure pursuits. For anyone who has ever wondered what happens at night out there while we are sleeping – why not find out?

Product number: 47444


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