Omegon Mirror star diagonal, 90°, 1.25″


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Relaxed observing – with the Omegon mirror star diagonal it is very simple

Whether it’s the Moon, Jupiter or a beautiful nebula – in order to enjoy observing at the telescope you should always be comfortable. In many telescopes, that is only possible by using a star diagonal – which directs the image upwards by 90°.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • 1.25″, 90° mirror star diagonal for any telescope with 1.25″ connector (not suitable for Newtonians)
  • more comfortable viewing orientation as you observe from above
  • protective coating on the mirror to ensure a long life
  • metal barrel – for secure seating in the focuser
  • filter thread for any 1.25″ filter

For any 1.25″ refracting, Maksutov or SC telescope

This Omegon star diagonal has a 1.25″ metal barrel. The chrome finish not only looks good, but is also practical, as the star diagonal always remains firmly attached to the focuser. The clamping screws lock the barrel firmly in place without scoring the nosepiece, as is the case with many cheaper products. In short – this barrel will keep your star diagonal in condition for virtually forever.

For a bright image – a coated mirror

The mirror has had everything that is possible optimised, within this price range, to ensure you enjoy a bright image – even at higher magnifications. It is the link between your eye and the telescope – and is hence just as important. A high reflectance of about 89% and a protective coating guarantee years of observing pleasure. And for astronomy, a mirror star diagonal is usually better than a prism star diagonal.

Filter thread – for any 1.25″ filter

Sometimes you do not want to have to re-install a filter every time you use a new eyepiece. Perhaps you might want to observe the Moon today with a range of eyepieces – but with the same filter? That is also possible due to the filter thread provided in the star diagonal.

Product number: 46713


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