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Omegon Dobson telescope ProDob N 254/1250


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Omegon ProDob with deluxe equipment – track the night sky more easily for better observing.
Observing the night sky is made easier with OmegonPro Dobsonian telescopes. Once you have located your object, you need to be able to then enjoy observing it. That means observing over long periods, even at higher magnifications. But not all Dobsonian telescopes are as easy to track objects with – they do sometimes jerk. This superior telescope is completely different however!

The advantages in a nutshell

  • fine focusing – 2″ Crayford focuser with 1.25″ adapter and 1:10 fine focusing
  • friction system – smooth-as-butter precision movement
  • needle-roller bearings – smooth and precise movement in azimuth, even using just one finger!
  • main mirror has 94% enhanced coating for a brighter image
  • faster cool-down for getting started observing sooner – main mirror fan

Deluxe friction system
The new friction system makes the precise positioning and tracking of astronomical objects even simpler. Instead of cheaper Teflon pads, the axes are equipped with needle-roller bearings on the azimuth axis and ball bearings on the altitude axis. This allows you to navigate with the telescope much more easily and it will follow your input ‘as smooth as butter’ in any direction. The advantage is that you can keep astronomical objects in the field of view much more easily – even at high magnification, an advantage that cannot be overemphasized! The friction setting can be easily adjusted to meet your requirements via two aluminium hand controls.

Focus more easily adjustable
Another advantage of the friction system is that the centre of gravity of the telescope is more adjustable – avoiding the situation, when using a heavy eyepiece, where the system may become unbalanced and tip over to one side.

Main mirror with 94% reflection coating for brighter images
A Dobsonian telescope is an expert in deep sky observing. High contrast, a wealth of visible detail and a bright image go with an excellent telescope just like the stars belong in the night sky – and this is exactly what the parabolic main mirror provides you with. The 94% ‘enhanced coating’ on the mirror means you can enjoy ultra-bright images, and even lets you make out deep sky objects at the limits of perception.

Get started with your observing faster – main mirror fan
Just a quiet, unobtrusive hum, but with a big effect – the built-in 12V fan means 50% faster cool-down of your main mirror. This allows your telescope to reach optimum image quality more rapidly. So you do not have to wait so long any more.

2″ Crayford focuser
Use 1.25″ or the larger 2″ eyepieces for stunning visual observing. The ball bearings allow you to smoothly focus your objects.

The Dobsonian advantage – simple and rapid assembly
What is the advantage of this design? A Dobsonian telescope consists of only two parts, which you can put together in no time. It is also much less expensive than a comparable sized telescope on an equatorial mount. Its main use is for enjoying visual observing. Discover the night sky – it is unbelievable what you can see using your own eyes.

Included in delivery

  • telescope + rockerbox with eyepiece tray
  • deluxe LED finder
  • 2″, 32mm SWA eyepiece
Faster cool-down for getting started observing sooner – main mirror fan

The battery pack takes eight 1.5V AA batteries.

Deluxe friction system – the telescope moves as ‘smoothly as butter’ in the desired direction. The centre of gravity can be easily adjusted.

Very practical when observing – the ocular tray has space for one 2″ and three 1.25″ eyepieces.

The telescope sits in the Dobsonian mount like so. Use the friction wheel to easily set the amount of friction desired.

Look for, find and observe – deluxe red dot finder and 2″ Crayford focuser with fine focusing.

32mm SWA eyepiece included in delivery.

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