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Omegon deluxe eyepiece set


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Omegon deluxe eyepiece set – improved observing using wide angle eyepieces

You always need to keep equipment quality in mind for astronomical observing, especially with eyepieces. This is because they often decide whether you even get to enjoy your astronomical observing at all. Omegon deluxe eyepieces put you in a front row seat. Enjoy high-contrast and pin-sharp observing – so the next clear night sky becomes a real experience.

The SWAN 32mm eyepiece: Your star lens for DSOs

It is a big advantage if your telescope has a 2″ focuser, as the SWA 32mm is a 2″ eyepiece and thus perfectly suited for deep-sky observing. The low magnification and 70° field of view lets you see a very large, apparently limitless, swathe of sky.

Stars are sharp right out to the edge of the field of view, even in fast telescopes – the SWA 32mm eyepiece provides optimal edge sharpness.

The advantages:

  • deep sky observing with a 2″ eyepiece is particularly enjoyable
  • even long observing sessions are fun
  • 70° field of view – makes a huge area of sky visible
  • objects can be easily located with the eyepiece
  • high-quality coatings – for bright, high-contrast images
  • The 15mm Long Eye: wide angle with 66 ° field of view
  • A higher magnification can be achieved using the 15mm ‘Long Eye’ eyepiece. With a 1000mm telescope, this means a magnification of 67X – high enough to observe craters on the Moon in detail or for being blown away by a planetary nebula.
  • With its 66° field of view, the Long Eye is definitely a wide-angle eyepiece and offers an exceptionally wide field of view. A large eye lens provides comfortable observing.
  • The advantages:
  • wider field of view – wide-angle eyepiece with 66° field of view
  • allows you to observe extended objects
  • comfortable observing with large eye lens
  • high-contrast for nebulae and planetary observing

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