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Omegon Cheshire collimating eyepiece – simple and precise collimation

You want to collimate your Newtonian telescope to get the best possible image out of it and need a collimation aid that is precise but inexpensive.

The Omegon Cheshire eyepiece fits the bill!

Long metal tube with crosshairs

The Cheshire collimation eyepiece is simple but absolutely effective. With practice, you will be able to collimate your Newtonian telescope in just a few minutes – especially if simply finely collimating your telescope for optimal imaging. The Cheshire eyepiece consists of a long metal tube, a reticule and a 45° base. The reticule gives you the orientation required for the optical axis.

Collimation of refracting telescopes

If you use the eyepiece for checking the collimation of a refracting (lens) telescope, then you will see as many reflections as there are lenses in the telescope. If all the reflections are round and centred, then your telescope is well collimated.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • effective collimating eyepiece for precise collimation
  • particularly long tube for better collimation
  • crosshairs for additional accuracy when collimating
  • robust and durable – constructed ​​entirely of metal

Product number: 33141


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