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Omegon Binocular Microscope – Relaxed investigating with both eyes on the subject

There is more than we can see with the naked eye right alone in front of us. But only a microscope lets you can see what was previously hidden. Discover your ‘inner naturalist’ and use the Omegon Binocular Microscope to observe onion cells or freshwater shrimps that you yourself have bred.

The diameter of the eyepieces is 25,6mm.

Our expert comment:

This biological microscope also has a top-light. This enables very thin, opaque samples, such as stamps, material, etc., to be studied.

This function is not designed for studying larger structures such as insects of minerals. This can also not replace a stereomicroscope.

Achim Mros

Observing using both eyes is very relaxed.

Microscope stage with fine adjustment – lets you sensitively adjust the position of objects and easily find the part of the object you are looking for.

Convenient for transportation – The microscope and accessories have sufficient space when stored in this case with handle.

Product number: 45777


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