Omegon advanced finder scope mount


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This base also allows you to use a finder scope that is compatible with Vixen / Skywatcher / Celestron fittings on your Bresser Messier model telescope.

The ‘base for the base’ – how to mount your finder scope

The Omegon Advanced Baseplate lets you mount virtually any finder scope onto your Omegon Advanced Telescope.

There are many red dot and optical finders that have a Vixen/Synta connector. It used to be the case that you had to do a bit of DIY first – drilling and screwing down – before being able to attach it, but now only a few simple steps are required for attaching your new finder.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • adapter plate for mounting Synta/Vixen style finders
  • attach plate and simply screw on separate Vixen/Synta finders
  • compatible with – Omegon Advanced, Bresser and Explore Scientific telescopes
  1. The base plate for your finder shoe
  2. Simply attach this adapter plate to the finder mount of your existing Omegon or Bresser telescope. Now attach any desired Vixen/Synta style accessory shoe. Now you have the perfect base for your optical or LED finder.
  • Material – anodized aluminium,
  • curved base

Product number: 46102


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