Omegon “5- in- 1” Optics Cleaning Set


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The 5-in-1 optics cleaning kit allows you to gently, yet very effectively, clean your optical surfaces. It is a small but worthwhile investment for the longevity of your optics and accessories and hence your enjoyment with your hobby.

The 5-in-1 Optics cleaning kit includes:

  • Cleaning brush with blower: Allows you to gently remove loose dust from your optical surfaces. Squeezing the blower creates a gentle flow of air which assists you in removing loose dust particles.
  • Cleaning cloth: Somewhat more persistent dirt can be removed with the cleaning cloth. The cloth may also be cleaned in the washing machine.
  • Cleaning fluid: The cleaning fluid is important if there are any grease marks on your optics, e.g. from eye lashes. The liquid dissolves fat due to its alcohol based formulation. Nevertheless, the liquid is still very mild, meaning that even sensitive coated optics can be safely cleaned.
  • Single use cleaning paper: These paper cleaning wipes allow you to clean particularly small areas, such as the eye side lenses of short-focus eyepieces.
  • Cotton buds: The cotton buds help when cleaning very small optical surfaces which are otherwise difficult to access.

Important note: Keep the cleaning fluid away from open wounds, eyes and from children!

The cleaning kit is supplied with a plastic screw cap tube, for keeping all the small items safe.

Product number: 5551


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