Omegon 45°, 1.25” to 1.25” Amici prism


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Omegon Amici prism – nature-watching is now even more brilliant

Nature-watching with a telescope does not have to be difficult. It can even be easy. This Amici prism not only provides you with a non-reversed and upright image, it also gives you a brilliant and pin-sharp image that run-of-the-mill prisms usually can’t manage. This is made possible by the use of a high-transmission BaK4 prism with anti-reflection coatings on the optical surfaces.

  • high quality Amici prism with 45° viewing angle
  • fully coated BaK4 prism for a bright, reflection-free image
  • compression ring for flat and gentle clamping of eyepieces
  • 25mm clear inner diameter for obstruction-free images
  • constructed of metal and plastic
  1. Angled at 45° for easy viewing
  2. If you have a refracting, Maksuvtov or SC telescope, you can simply insert the prism into the focuser. This then turns your telescope into a powerful instrument for nature-watching. The prism has a 45° viewing angle – as natural subjects are usually in the horizontal plane. This also helps keep your posture more relaxed, making longer observing sessions possible.
  3. Coated BaK4 prism – for great images
  4. The heart of the Omegon Amici prism is a coated BaK4 prism. This type of glass is characterized by its very high light transmission, meaning the prism will provide you with a very bright and colour-neutral image. It also significantly increases the resolution and hence the detection of small details. So the next time you observe Jupiter, you can expect the colours and details to be genuine. The prism’s optical surfaces have been multi-layer multi-coated, giving the image even more contrast and increasing the quality of your observing.
  5. Compression ring – for flat clamping of your eyepieces
  6. Eyepieces are not simply clamped via a screw, but treated more gently by use of a compression ring.
  7. The compression ring ensures:
  • flat and rigid clamping
  • prevention of scratches and nicks on the barrels of your eyepieces

1.25″ barrel and filter thread

The Amici prism fits into any 1.25″ focuser and also allows the use of a 1.25″ screw-type filter.

Product number: 44697


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