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Novoflex TrioBalance Q 6/8 tripod head with detent pan-head


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First tripod with removable tripod legs the tripod system Triopod of NOVOFLEX has provided for sensation on its commercial launch at Photokina, 2014. The ability to adjust the tripod on a modular basis to individual needs, has thrilled photographers around the world. With the new base Trio Balance = Q 6/8 builds NOVOFLEX the system now consistently and brings another alternative to standard tripod base on the market.

The new tripod base has built-in cap, which permits an adjustment of 15 ° in all directions and also has an optionally resting, rotating panorama plate with integrated Q = Mount coupler pocket.

The new tripod base Trio Balance = Q 6/8 therefore recommended not only panoramic photographer, but all photographers the value put on a particularly compact and space-saving tripod system. When using an L-bracket to the camera, it can, thanks to the integrated coupler socket, are transferred rapidly from portrait to landscape. A horizontal, precisely aligned rotation thanks to the panoramic plate and the cap possible. The modular design of the system stand with its ingenious basic elements (Triopod, TRIOBAL and now TRIOBAL = Q 6/8) can be easily and quickly equipped with different legs to turn it into a perfect stand for the respective task.

Choices are sturdy legs ultralight carbon or aluminum, each with 2 to 4 extracts. There are also trekking poles that can also be used as a tripod leg and mini legs for use as a super small travel tripod table stand or macro tripod. All leg variants can be used as a monopod. The tripod legs (Type 2830, 2840, 2844) have a stainless steel mandrel 3 / 8˝Normgewinde, about also further system accessories can begin. By Triopod All-in-One System photographer and photographer are prepared for any situation stand perfectly.

This tripod legs are optionally available:

Tripod legs made ​​of carbon:

  • QLEG C2830 SET, carbon legs, 3-segmentig, set of 3
    Extension length: 62 – 160 cm
  • QLEG C2840 SET, carbon legs, 4-segmentig, set of 3
    Extension length: 49.5 to 158 cm
  • QLEG C2844 SET, Carbon legs compact, 4-segmentig, set of 3
    Extension length: 42.5 to 129 cm
  • QLEG C2253 SET, Carbon legs compact, 5-segmentig, set of 3
    Extension length: 31.5 to 109.5 cm

Tripod legs made ​​of aluminum:

  • QLEG A1010 Mini SET, table tripod legs, Set of 3
  • QLEG A2830 SET, aluminum legs, 3-segmentig, set of 3
  • QLEG A2840 SET, aluminum legs, 4-segmentig, set of 3
  • QLEG A2844 SET, aluminum legs compact, 4-segmentig, set of 3
  • QLEG Walk II SET, walking stick, set of 3, Made in Germany in cooperation with the world leader LEKI

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