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Nikon Sportstar Zoom 8-24×25 dunkelblau


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Immerse yourself in the game with the Sportstar Zoom 8-24×25 . An easily accessible zoom lever on the top of the compact and lightweight housing enables continuous zooming. All lenses and prisms are multilayer coated for brighter vision . So you always sit in the front row. Available in dark blue, white and black.

Thanks to the 8x to 24x zoom, you see exactly what you want to see. The zoom lever on the top of the binoculars is easily accessible so that you can keep an eye on the game while zooming. So you can zoom between 8 and 24 times magnification . Since there are no fixed locking positions for the enlargement, you can easily find and follow your motif. This gives you the feeling of being on the pitch or on the stage yourself. No batteries are required for the mechanical zoom, so your binoculars are always ready for use.

Product number: 66747


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