Nikon Rangefinder Coolshot 40


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Now measuring up to 590 meters/650 yards and lighter than ever, the COOLSHOT 40 is designed exclusively for measuring actual distance and is an excellent tool for golfers. First Target Priority Mode is useful to measure the distance to a flagstick on a green when there are trees in the background. Nikon’s HYPER READ technology ensures the measured distance displays instantly (approx. 0.5 sec) regardless of how far you are from the target. The multilayer-coated 6x high-quality finder offers bright, clear images.

  • Optics: 6×21
  • Measurement range: 7.5-590m/8-650 yd
  • Accuracy: ±0.75m/yd
  • Quick and stable HYPER READ measurement (approx. 0.5 sec) regardless of distance
  • First Target Priority
  • Angle function: No (Legal for Tournament Play)
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact, lightweight and rainproof

Product number: 54425


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