Meade Telescope ACF-SC 203/2032 UHTC LX200 OTA


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This telescope, with its Schmidt-Cassegrain optics, leaves nothing to be desired – SC telescopes are suitable for all applications. No matter if you want to observe planets, far-off nebulae or galaxies, no matter if purely visually or also photographically, anything is possible with an SC telescope!

The compact optics ensure low leverage stress on the mount and make the telescope easy to transport. Focusing takes place internally and is so adjustable that even with astrophotographic accessories attached, focusing is usually no problem.

SC telescopes have a spherical primary mirror. This is usually a drawback, since only parabolic mirrors, as used in Newtonian telescopes, can also correctly focus off-axis light rays. The optical designer Bernhard Schmidt (1879-1935) therefore developed a special correction plate to take care of this. The plate is attached to the front of the OTA. Once used in combination with this Schmidt plate, SC telescopes produce a sharp image with no spherical aberration. This also has the advantage that the OTA is completely closed off at both ends, protecting the main mirror from contamination and preventing disturbing air turbulence.

The secondary mirror is mounted under the centre of this correction plate, and reflects the light back to the main mirror. There, it exits through a hole in the main mirror and through an opening in the back of the OTA. This folded light path is named after Laurent Cassegrain (1629-1693). Even professional telescopes use the advantages of this design – heavy accessories generate hardly any leverage stress and the telescope’s eyepiece remains at almost the same height, even if objects of very different altitudes are being observed. This means that no ladder is required and the viewing position is comfortable and safe even for children – this is not unimportant, especially for balcony astronomers!

Advanced Coma-free Optics (ACF): Meade’s ACF optical design eliminates the typical aberrations of all mirror optics. Thanks to ACF, the stars are also point-shaped right out to the edge of the image field, displaying no elongated comet-like distortions. The image field is flatter than that of classic Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. ACF optical systems show their strengths especially in astrophotographic applications.

Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC): This special multi-layer coating on the front correction plate provides up to 15% more light transmission. The result -brighter star clusters, finer details in nebulae and more surface detail on planets!

All LX200 models feature a primary mirror locking mechanism, which effectively prevents movement of the primary mirror during long exposure astrophotography or observing. Turn the lock knob located just above the telescopes main focus knob and the progressive-tension primary lock completely cancels any residual image shift due to mirror movement during visual, photographic, or imaging applications.

It is not only important which telescope you buy, but also where you buy it.

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  • Our ‘Telescope Basics’ booklet – an 80-page beginner’s guide for our telescopes – is provided free of charge with every telescope we sell.
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