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Meade Mount LX65


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The altazimuth GoTo mount is ideal for visual observation as well as Moon and planet photography. The computer control (GoTo) helps to locate objects. These can then be tracked with the built-in motors and held automatically in the eyepiece. The latter is necessary due to the rotation of the Earth. In altazimuth mounts without motors and electronic controls, this telescope tracking must be done by hand.

The azimuthal single-arm mount is for taking smaller telescopes. It is easy to transport and quick to set up for use. Just attach the telescope to the mounting arm via its prism rail and you’re ready to go. After the observing, you can use the handle to separate the optics from the mount and hence transport both conveniently and safely.

As the clamp is standardized for taking a prism rail, you can use it with a variety of different telescopes

A special feature of the LX65 is the second prism clamp. Here you can mount a second telescope in parallel.

The AudioStar handheld control provides a database of 30,000 astronomical objects. Once aligned to the night sky, AudioStar can position the telescope to point to any of these objects and centre them in the eyepiece – of course only if the object is above the horizon. The GoTo functionality is supplemented by additional features, such as guided tours, position display and connection to a PC.

A special feature of the AudioStar controller is its built-in speaker. The built-in Astronomer Inside technology provides over four hours of audio commentary (in English only). The built-in astronomer will relate interesting information about astronomical objects located in the field of view!

Easy Align – the computer control must be aligned with the actual night sky at the beginning of each observing session. Aligning this telescope is particularly simple – after entering the location and the orientation for north, the telescope consecutively slews to two bright stars. These must be simply centred in the eyepiece and the adjustment is complete and the telescope is now aligned.

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