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Meade Filters Glass Solar Filter 450 ID 114MM


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These are safe full aperture (sometimes referred as clear aperture) solar filters. This means that it allows the most light possible into the telescope because it allows the full aperture of your telescope to be viewed. The full aperture allows the best possible daytime viewing when there is minimal atmospheric turbulence. If turbulence is present a mask can be put over the end of the filter to effectively reduce the aperture.

This premium solar filter has an aluminum cell that is secured and centered to the tube end of the telescope with nylon thumb screws and felt padding. The clear aperture is made with high quality hand selected and inspected reflective coated glass. This is the highest quality, durable, glass, full aperture solar filter on the market. The sun is viewed in a natural yellowish-orange image. The filter can be used for direct viewing through the telescope or for photography.

The filter box is foam lined for protection and shock absorption during handling. It is durable enough to store the filter while not in use

Product number: 59490


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