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Meade Azimuthal column for 16 ‘ LX200


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This steel pier offers an outstandingly rigid, permanently mounted installation engineered to minimize any vibration. Strong enough to carry the weight of the 16″ LX200 with any and all accessories including piggybacked telescopes. This pier is a full 10″ diameter and features 1/2″ wall thickness for rock solid performance.

Ideal for smaller domes or other observatories where there is a shortage of elbow room and an equatorial pier would require too much space. Can be utilized in an observatory dome as small as 2 meters in diameter. The alt-az configuration also results in a easily accessible and convenient eyepiece orientation which changes less with telescope position than on an equatorially mounted scope.

For permanent installations only must be bolted to a solid foundation. Ships on pallet.

Product number: 10460


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