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The Solo, a new product from Lunático designed to make the most of the Lunatico AAG CloudWatcher cloud detector

It is a tiny computer customized to control your CloudWatcher 7 days 24 hours, with the following highlights:

The information read from the Lunatico AAG CloudWatcher cloud detector is available to any computer in the same network, so you can use your current Windows software, in “Remote” mode, and keep the integration with your current session control software / automation – in some cases, you can even uninstall the Windows software, as the “single line data” file is also published – suitable for CCDAP, CCDCommander, and also Chris Rowland’s ASCOM safety monitor driver.

As the Solo has its own serial port, and publishes information in the local network, you’ll get rid of any USB/Serial devices and drivers issues.

To install it:

  • disconnect the AAG’s RS232 from your PC, and connect it to the Solo
  • remove power from the AAG CW, and use the same cable to power on the Solo
  • using the small “male – male” cable, connect the Solo to the AAG CW
  • connect to the network using a standard RJ45 cable (not supplied)

The Solo must be installed, indoors, it is not designed to withstand the harsh conditions the Lunatico AAG CloudWatcher cloud detector does.

Product number: 48667


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